NYU Grad Acting 2016
Brown University 2010

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In my culture, there is a Haitian proverb, woch nan dlo pa konnen doule woch nan soley. English: rocks in water know not the pain of rocks in the sun.

In essence, my work focuses on providing the experience for the rock in the water to see what life is like in the sun, and vice versa. By building bridges into the other’s experience, a foundation can exist for conversation, empathy, and hopefully acceptance.

Written Work:

  • Same Script Different Cast: TV Pilot : NYU Freeplay Festival: Xavier is a black spoken word poet investigating his art and influence in a world where his voice is often stifled. Lucas is white songwriter struggling to define himself against an environment that projects everything he hates about the status quo. Both boys are in the beginning of their journeys, both boys have overwhelming potential, one is shot by the police. We all know black lives matter, but what happens to the black potential left behind?
  • Kingdom of the Sun: Pilot: Power, Legacy, Sacrifice. In 18th dynasty Egypt a young Akhenaten begins his doomed quest towards fulfilling a messiah’s destiny.  Will he discover the truth of his past, or will the forces of politics and religion shackle him into the status quo? With foes like his father, the great Pharaoh Amenhotep III, and allies like his beautifully intelligent betrothed Nefertiti, Akhenaten must find a way to unlock his past and  conquer his destiny.
  • Isaiah: Screenplay: One young black man is killed. An officer’s life is torn to pieces. Time rewinds as we discover the intimate pieces of the victim’s lives, and see how they and everyone in their lives are changed forever after this fatal encounter.
  • The Break Up Series: Series of 6 Shorts: Leya is a young black girl in America trying to figure her s*** out. With the help of a psychological drowning, she is forced to relive the 6 most pivotal breakups of her life.  Will she rise up from the flood? Or will her memoires swallow her whole?
  • 72 Hours: A Play in 4 Acts: What happens when two close friends decide they must commit a most heinous act? Kylie and Jess are close, some might say too close, but when one detective rips them apart into separate interrogation rooms, how close will they remain?
  • Pefeksyon: Play: The Toussaint family is your typical Haitian, middles class, New England family. Except that they aren’t typical at all. Long buried secrets and frustrations come to light when they all gather to celebrate the eldest’s third degree from Harvard. In this tightrope walking family, the need to be perfect is the one chain that holds them all together.  New guests push the family to finally do something that they have never done before: show their true selves.

Coaching available for Auditions (both on camera and stage), On tape coaching (for auditions on tape) and Grad School Admission monologues. $65 for each 45 minute section. Please email: jacquetfedna@gmail.com for all appointments.